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I suppose I'm not really using this journal anymore, eh?  I still check my friend list daily, which mostly consists of [ profile] rockinlibrarian and a handful of enjoyable communities.  My last few entries don't have any comments at all so I'm guessing not too many folks are reading this anymore in lieu of Facebook.  And that's fair since most of everything I'd post here, I generally post there.  The one thing I could see myself keeping up here are the locked entries where I need to vent in a less than public venue.  If you're an anonymous reader who wants in on those, get a login and a friend request.  

So I guess we'll see.  I do like blogging because I could generally talk about myself without any problem.  ;)  But I don't want to keep getting mad at myself for not doing so very often and I don't really want to switch to a different blog host, especially since it won't resolve the issue of me not getting around to posting and I like having all my stuff here where it is already.  My point?  Yeah, I have no idea what my point is.

Date: 2012-02-08 10:58 pm (UTC)From: [identity profile]
Even I, as the sole regular lj user on your friends list, admit to having trouble keeping up with blog reading-- particularly here at work, if it's busy, I end up just scanning lists of links on Facebook or Twitter for things I DEFINITELY want to check out, and skipping over things in my Reader or Friends page that I think I can come back to later when I have more interrupted time. And then I never get that time, and just forget about it. Of course if it's SLOW, that's another story...

So I almost feel like I can't blame my (potential) readers for skipping my posts, as much as I then feel all abandoned and unloved and wondering what the point is, because I can be just as guilty!

But yeah, my friends page is pretty well dead. Most of its action comes from syndicated feeds I added before I got Google Reader. I've got a couple active communities (though my favorite and most dependable just moved to Blogger. SERIOUSLY!) and a few proper people who still post, but there have been days recently where 24 hours have gone by without a new post appearing on my friends page. Shocking!

But there are a LOT of authors who still use lj as their primary blog platform, so I'm confident that it's not a total wash, and I've decided that, as long as it keeps WORKING, I'm staying here, too. I like that anyone can comment, and that the comments work so you can comment on individual comments, and that you can search communities and interests and things, and that the archives are relatively easy to use... generally, it works for me, so why leave?


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