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Ah, second child syndrome.  We didn't fall into that pattern where we don't take as many pictures of Henry.  John especially has been taking as many pictures, but then he never really tapered off with Nora anyway.  Plus I always like to keep in mind that I'm taking pictures for Henry's birth mom, too.  However, I've been really rotten about keeping track of his milestones.  And not just on here.  I've dropped down on livejournal overall since I post most things on Facebook anymore, but even my own records aren't up to date.  

Part of it is just being busy.  Two kids means being waaaaaaaaaaaaay busier.  And I'm working full-time, which I wasn't doing when Nora was this age.  The moral of the story is that I have no time for pretty much anything.  I'm lucky I can keep up with the bare minimum of house keeping.  Well, almost the bare minimum.  The house is rather gross right now since we've entered clumpy dog shedding season, but that's another story.

So here's where we're at.  Healthwise, we're generally all better.  Nora might be battling some seasonal allergies so I have children's Claritin on our next grocery list and god bless those damn Boogie Wipes.  Henry is now the proud owner of a nubulizer as it appears he has a mild case of asthma.  He also may have an inguinal hernia so we'll get that checked out after we finalize in a couple of weeks.  He'll need surgery for that if that's the case, so better to get it over with before he gets too mobile.  I'm still dreading it, though.  

Henry is rolling every way imaginable.  He's sitting up fairly well, though he still flops over from time to time, usually at the exact moment I turn away.  He's an eating machine and I should probably bump him up to two meals of solids a day, but I might hold off a couple more weeks.  I'm trying not to do too much new stuff in our routine until after we take that trip back to Ohio.  I'm working on the jarred stuff for now while we make sure he has no allergies, but then I'm kind of a fan of baby led weaning.  That I'm looking forward to, but I'll probably have to keep some level of mush going at daycare for a couple more months just because of their own comfort level.  

And back to having no time, it has now taken me over an hour to get this done, so I should just call it quits for this round.


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