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We've all been suffering with some ailment or another.  I had one of my usual viral things that turns into some weird super-infection (the doctor's choice of words, no joke) with a bacteria jumping on top of it.  John had strep, which is his usual thing.  

Nora had a nasal thing that was compounded by the fact that she refuses to let anyone wipe her nose.  We invested in Boogie Wipes, which I would generally have scoffed at due to silliness and price ($4 for a pack of 30 wipes!), but her nose had reached epic proportions and I needed to find something she would at least allow near her nose.  They were successful.

Henry, for his part, freaked me out Thursday night with what I know suspect was a bit of an asthma attack.  We don't have an official diagnosis, but they keep suspecting he might have asthma.  And since croup doesn't come and go overnight, that's what I think it was.  I wound up having him sleep on my shoulder that entire night, making me one tired mama the next morning.  We've been giving him nebulizer treatments all weekend and John's taking him back to the doctor tomorrow morning, but he's really been fine other than Thursday night.  

Compounding the fun, I think he might be cutting a tooth.  Nora took until 10 months so this is a surprise for me.  I mean, I suspected he was teething a bit, but Nora teethed for six months before something finally cut.  I think I can feel something, but then again, I could be wrong.  I perpetually thought Nora was on the verge of a tooth.  

And he's rolling both ways now.  Keeping him on a play mat is pointless so we just throw out an entire comforter.  Saves us from having to clean spit up off the carpet.  

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I had to google "Boogie Wipes". :) The upside is that they were worth the money.

Hope you are all feeling better soon, and that Henry doesn't scare you again, like that!! Was it asthma WITH being sick, or just random respiratory issue?


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