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Henry is four months old and he is large.  Evenings are still prone to crankiness, especially if he doesn't nap well at daycare, which is most days.  He's rolling front to back now.  When he feels like it, that is.  Still haven't gotten it on video, but at least we've all finally seen it in action.  I should post a video on Facebook sometime with him laughing.  It's hilarious.  And he makes these happy noises that sound like a sheep.  Seriously.  You can't help but laugh when you hear it.  The daycare teachers love it.  We figure we'll experiment with food with him on the weekend until he seems to get it before having them do it at daycare.  I gave him some cereal and he was so-so about it.  I then tasted it and I understand why.  I'll go with a heavy mix of applesauce to take of the blandness.  Seriously, why do they think babies need to eat bland food?  I don't get it.

Now Nora.  She'll be four next month.  She's having her birthday party at the zoo because I'm over having it at my house.  She's quit sucking her thumb.  She finally got sick of her thumb always being calloused and cut from it and just up and quit cold turkey.  I'm kind of impressed, although I guess I did the same thing when I was five after the finger I sucked on turned greenish in one spot from the callous it had.  She's very potty trained at this point, though we do have an occasional accident.  Today, for example, was a doozy.  Not only did she not quite make it to the toilet, she attempted to clean up the bathroom floor by herself, didn't tell us about it, and then was walking around in wet pants and socks.  I noticed the trail her wet socks were leaving on the floor and followed the pee scent back to her.  Then had to figure out where else she had been in the previous five minutes.  Oh joy.

I try not to compare the two.  Henry seems to be easier in some aspects, but Nora was not an easy baby and he really is.  The one thing she had over him was a massive night sleeping stretch.  That's not to say that he's not a great sleeper at night.  He is.  He goes down easy and stays down.  But whereas Nora's baby nights were a 12 hour stretch, his is only 10 hours.  Believe me, that's still awesome and I know I shouldn't complain, but that two hours makes a big difference in our life.  

But it's all good.  Tough at times, but good.


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