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As of last night, Henry is a hair over 12 lbs and 23.5 inches.  I'm giving all my favorite 3 month size outfits a final run this week before they are packed away permanently.  He'll be heading to the doctor Thursday for that traumatizing first round of shots.  John was with me for Nora's so I made him hold her when they did it.  No such luck this time around.  

This is my last week of having to go into work and then I can have a real break.  Though I don't think I'll actually get to enjoy it until after Christmas.  And that will only give me about two weeks to chill.  *sigh*

I noticed something in Wegmans yesterday.  People are really fawning all over Henry whenever I have him out and I was trying to figure out why that didn't seem to be the case as much with Nora.  But here's what I think it is.  I was still in recovery mode when Nora was this young so I never took her anywhere unless I really had to.  I also wasn't into the hassle of packing up a baby.  I'm still not into the hassle, actually, but Henry's been all over the place and no matter what a baby looks like, a baby this young will get fawned over.  I suppose with it being heavy shopping season, whenever we're out, there are also just more people to check him out.  And to be fair, when we did go out, people did admire Nora greatly (and still do).  I guess it just seemed more pervasive yesterday.


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