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Moving on from locked whining.  

I suppose it's been rather long since I updated about the kids so it will be difficult to decide where to begin.  Henry's had two teeth for a while.  He seems to be getting a third on the bottom before any top ones, but those seem to be making some progress, too.  He's not a happy teether, but I don't think he's quite as miserable as Nora was.  Well, maybe he is.  These things aren't always easy to remember.  

He's a crawling machine.  He totally could have won the Diaper Derby at Canal Fest if he'd felt compelled to, well, move at all.  But he gets like that outside.  He just takes it all in and enjoys the sights.  Plus it was 95 degrees out and he looked pissed that we were making him be outside at all.  It says something about how much I enjoy the Diaper Derby that I was willing to be outside in that weather, quite frankly.

But back to the crawling.  Henry will walk around a little with Nora's toy shopping cart or other things he can push at home or at daycare, but for the most part, he can get where he's going much faster by crawling so it's his preferred mode of transportation.  I've really never seen a baby crawl this fast before in my life.  Especially when he's heading for something that he knows we'll whisk him away from.  For example, he loves the stairs lately and we've been lax in digging up the baby gates because it will make life a pain for Nora.  So we just keep an eye on him.  When he heads in that direction, as soon as he gets within a certain distance, he puts on this burst of speed with a gleeful giggle.  It's quite hilarious, but then we need to chase after him, of course.  

I'm looking forward to the end of baby formula in less than two months.  I think the bedtime bottle is going to be a tricky habit to break for him.  I'm planning on doing the method of gradually decreasing the amount he gets at bedtime.  We've been giving him a sippy cup of water with snacks and dinner.  The past couple of days, he's taken to sipping some and then spitting it right back out.  I don't get it, but it's annoying.  Maybe he's protesting water.  You can also figure out when he's done with whatever is on his tray because it starts making its way to the floor, much to the delight of the dog.  

Henry has a much greater love for Beezley than Nora does, I think.  Don't get me wrong.  Nora loves Beezley, but she gets mad when he gets in her space.  He's a black lab.  He's in your space whenever possible.  Henry doesn't mind it and actually seems to enjoy it.  But of course Henry most enjoys Nora.  And she enjoys him.  They play together a lot and it's adorable.  It also comes in handy when we need her to keep him entertained for a few minutes while we get something done.  I try not to make her do that too much because I know what it's like to be the built in babysitter, albeit at a much higher level given the 11 year age difference between me and my brother.  

Nora will be officially doing pre-K next week.  She'd be doing the same curriculum at daycare anyway, but they got the pre-K through the school district this year and we got a spot in that classroom after being on their waitlist.  Which means we pay about $10 less per day for those 180 days a year that the district pays for.  I'll take it!

Pre-K sounds very official even though not much really changes in the routine.  She'll be in two different classes, but we already know both the teachers she'll be working with.  What scares me the most is that this the pre-cursor to me having to put that child on a school bus next year.  I'm terrified of that.  I'm terrified of me not having that daily interaction with her teachers.  I'm terrified that she's not a very good advocate for herself and she needs to develop some assertiveness skills in the next year.  And isn't that hilarious?  MY kid isn't very assertive (well, with people she doesn't know anyway).  Though I suppose I might not have been very assertive in kindergarten.  And I do feel like she's gotten a little less shy in the past year so there's hope.  I'm not sure if we'll want to make lunches or have her buy them.  Do they really send 5 year olds to school with money and expect them to be responsible enough to not lose it before lunch?  That sounds crazy to me.  

So I have a year to panic about all this and hopefully the school is expecting crazy moms like me and have plans in place for these kinds of things.  *sigh*

The other topic I've been meaning to write about is curly hair care.  There are numerous blogs devoted to such and perhaps I'd really be more into writing one myself if I had a girl and/or a child with a coarser texture that could do more styles, but then again I still wouldn't have any time.  But I've done tons of research and have spoken my mind to the adoption agency about what bothered me about the hair care class we attended of theirs while we were still waiting, so the agency has now asked me to write a blog post about it for their site.  I told them I'd have to do it a little later since work has been insane lately, but I'll get around to it eventually.  In the meanwhile, they sort of did already post one about me and the links I'd recommend, so now that I think about it, I'm not sure I'd say much different from what they already said about me.  Hmmm.  I'll have to think about that.  But that is a post for the future here, at the very least.  Someday...
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