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Those of you on Facebook with us probably already know that Henry has had RSV.  Don't ask me what that stands for.  I looked it up and it was something scientific that I don't remember.  But basically it's a respiratory virus.  It's very common and anyone can get it, but it's a little scarier in babies because inflamed tiny airways don't leave a lot of room for actual air.  

They put up a notice about one of the other babies having it on Wednesday.  Henry's still on his ongoing series of colds, but I was being a little more aware of his breathing.  Sure enough, they called me at work Thursday to say he was wheezing.  Got him to the doctor and he did indeed have RSV.  It was at its worst Friday night and then turned around from there.  He's back at daycare today, though he's still got his perpetual nasal congestion.  But his lungs are good.  He never did get a fever and barely has a cough.

One of the joys of Facebook is that when you post something about your baby having something like RSV, there are plenty of people ready to tell you about the worst case scenarios they know about.  I got all sorts of stories about hospitalizations and months long illnesses.  No one said, "Oh yeah, my kid had that and it was a sucky week, but then was fine."  No, no.  We must only freak people out.  I appreciate the message I got from the friend who is an immunologist reassuring me that those horror stories were probably involving kids with compromised immune systems.  It's what I was thinking, but I like having scientific back up beyond just what the internet has to say.

Nora has the sniffles and whatnot, as do I, but nothing major otherwise.

Oh, and in other news, John defended his dissertation proposal yesterday and now it's on to the actual research.  He has a deadline now, which is something he really needs, so hopefully this time next year we'll at least be getting ready for the actual dissertation defense.  In the 11 years we've known each other, there has only been one year that neither of us was in school.  Of course, Nora will then start kindergarten and we'll have to start working on her homework.  Ha!

I went to the defense yesterday and since we were still keeping Henry out and my mom was at work, we got Nora's teacher from last year who isn't working there anymore to come babysit for us.  We paid her $10/hr, which is sadly pretty reasonable from what I've heard.  If we do eventually move away from here like I'd like to someday, we may never go anywhere since we won't have free babysitting anymore.  When I was 16, I made $3 an hour for the three kids next door, one of whom it turns out had undiagnosed Asberger's, and I was expected to do some cleaning, too.  Don't get me wrong, I adored those kids (who are now all grown up, married, and two of them have kids), but either babysitting inflation went way up or I was vastly underpaid.  Seriously, for anyone who complains about how much daycare centers cost, if I got a full-time babysitter, it would cost me twice as much and at least I don't have to worry about what happens if that one person I'm depending on gets sick.  Sheesh.
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