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I switched up the time that I gave Henry his cereal.  Did it before his noonish bottle and made sure to mix it with equal parts applesauce.  He's down with it.  I'll mix it with jarred bananas next weekend and see how he feels about that.  

He's moved into an interesting napping pattern that he also tends to do at daycare.  He takes a short morning nap for about a half hour or so.  Then he takes a longer afternoon nap.  This would be fine, really, if it weren't for the fact that he is outrageously cranky between the two because he's clearly still tired, but he refuses to go back to sleep.  Now on daycare days it obviously doesn't affect me.  And really on the weekends, it's not so bad for me personally, either, because he always seems to wake up while I'm in the shower.  Making it John's problem to bounce him endlessly.  

Now Wednesday should be interesting for us.  We're both going to an advising conference, and it's lovely that we get to go to professional stuff together like this, but John is co-chair of the planning committee so he has to be there super early.  That means I have to figure out how in the world to get them both up at the same time in the morning AND get out the door so that I can make it to the conference on time.  Thankfully, the conference is at a hotel nearby so I have less travel time, but I can't really get away with being late since my entire office will also be there as well as other people from our school that we work closely with.  Fun.

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oy, good luck with that!

It is really nice that you will be there together, though!


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