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Haven't posted in a while.  I would say that things are getting better, though getting out the door in the morning is still a circus and getting the kids out of daycare at the end of the day is always a challenge, depending on Henry's crankiness level and Nora's cooperation level.  Both are subject to change at the drop of a hat.  

We're 9-5 people, but it seems that most of the kids at daycare have parents who are more 8-4.  Thus, are kids are often among the last ones in the place.  I often don't leave right at 5 and since it's the beginning of the semester still, I wind up having to park across a major highway at a park.  Our tiny campus has enough problems with parking, but there's construction in our back lot right now and there's the other issue of how people can't seem to figure out how to park within a normal space when it snows.  But I digress.

Anyhoo.  I often get to daycare as late as 5:45.  It then takes about 15 minutes to get the kids bundled and out the door with whatever they're bringing home so we tend to leave with the last staff person.  There has always been one boy in Nora's class, since they were babies, that is there later than us, but Henry is always the last baby in his room.  Now I know those other babies get there a good hour to hour and a half before Henry does, but I still feel bad about this, for some reason.  Oh well.  

Then we get home and there's the joy of getting everyone fed and god forbid we actually have anything to do around the house.  The days that Henry takes a small snooze in his swing are helpful, but those are getting fewer between as he gets older.  I'm looking forward to some months down the line when he can be in his high chair eating dinner with us.  

Dinner didn't have such high pressure when Nora was a baby.  It was just us two eating so we'd often grab whatever and didn't worry too much about nutritional value until Nora was eating with us.  But now we need to feed Nora, too, and I hate to get in the habit of eating PB&J all the time when I intend to not let that be the norm once things get a little easier.  

We'll probably start Henry on some food by the end of the month.  Not sure when we're squeezing that into our schedule, but I am looking forward to getting him on regular food.  I've been reading the baby led weaning community on here and I ascribe to the philosophy that babies need not just eat bland mush, though I do find that the people on that community are a little more hippie granola organic than I am.  

Got the benefit of an extra dependent on our taxes, which was nice, but I am so looking forward to next year when we can get the adoption tax credit.  Can't get it yet because the adoption isn't finalized, so all the more reason to look forward to that date.  Should be late April, early May.  A lovely little birthday present for me!


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