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Nora and I went through her various toy receptacles yesterday to clean out stuff she doesn't want anymore.  I tried really hard not to influence her decisions, but I was sad at some of the stuff she wanted to get rid off.  Mostly stuffed animals.  She's just never been into them at all, except on rare occasions.  But she really has a lot.  Every Sesame Street character we could find, realistic looking animals that John's mom always finds, tons of Kohl's plushes, etc.  

Oh, and I would so buy more of those Kohl's ones if she was into them.  They are all just adorable, but she's only ever been into the Curious George one and she once used to chew on Horton's nose.  But even Horton and some of her lesser favorite Sesame Street characters got tossed into the "give to Henry" pile.  She gave me her Kohl's Boynton rhino, though, because she knows how much I love it.  

We'll see if Henry winds up being interested in stuffed animals because he sure does have an inordinate amount of them now.  But when he gets old enough to clean toys out, it will be hard for me to part with things like the super cute Lorax.

Date: 2010-12-20 03:41 pm (UTC)From: [identity profile]'ve now given me a reason to shop at Koh's. I never go in there- I usually end up at Target, but I did get a Grinch there that the babes loves. So now I'll have to go look for other stuffies.

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yes, no grinch here either for the same reason. But Marshall got Max for his first xmas and instead of keeping it with his regular stuffed animals, I packed it away with the xmas decorations. Max gets a look once a year now, that he wouldn't get otherwise. And I'll be honest...I love Max. So he's staying. I too am hoping the second one will have a little more interest in the stuffed animals.


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