Apr. 27th, 2011

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Back when Henry had RSV, John noticed that the poor babe's pelvis was bulging out a bit.  I instantly figured it must be an inguinal hernia.  Who knew that knowledge related to an ex-boyfriend's past ailment would come in so handy?  The simplest way to explain an inguinal hernia is that something that should have sealed up in the development process didn't quite.  So his intestines can poke through and create this bulge or fluid can do the same thing.  It doesn't bother him at all.  The danger is that it could choke off his intestines and create a blockage and a major emergency situation.  In any case, it's a fairly common occurrence with a pretty routine fix.  That fix, though, does involve surgery, but they at least do it on an outpatient basis.  And I'm happy we're getting this fixed so early, before he gets mobile and won't want to rest.  Well, he probably still won't want to rest, but he can't get up and run around on his own.  

You know what will probably be the worst part?  He can't have anything but clear liquids past midnight the night before and absolutely nothing at all for two hours before.  This is a baby who likes to eat.  He is not going to be happy that he's not getting fed first thing in the morning.  


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